Looping Facility (construction coordinator/ chair designer)
This set was built on a soundstage at NCSA as part of a 16 mm student short film. Features include fully integrated florescent lighting, sliding doors, custom designed & fabricated chair, along with standard construction. I served as construction coordinator overall - following the production designers drawings. However the chair is my design and many details and alterations were overseen by myself.

Principle Art Department Crew: Alex McCarroll, Craig Baurley & Stefan Rambousek.

The doors in the closed position. They were set up on speed-rail track but still had to be pushed manually by two people. I had a pulley system rigged up but we didn't have enough time to get it to work reliably.

The best tricks are the oldest tricks. This cavernous feel was achieved by sprayiing everything down with water for a wet look.

Primary constructon complete- ready for paint and detailing.

This is my 3D Studio Max design for the chair.

The finished chair.

Mid wiring- somehow it became my task of rigging all balasts, very tempermental stuff!

Fall 2003