life story

I'm an artist of multiple mediums including design, film-making and dance.

beginning in Hollywood

My professional career began in Los Angeles, CA in 2005 working for a film production company specializing in practical effects and explosions. This was a great way to get acquainted with the inner-workings of Hollywood and get exposure to a variety of blockbuster productions.

I've been a Production Designer in the themed entertainment  industry for over 13 years

In that time, I've designed theme parks, interactive exhibits including NASA , museums, casinos and TV/film sets. I have created 3d concept renderings, schematic & design development packages as well as fabrication ready engineering and shop drawings. I have worked closely with architectural firms, engineers, fabricators and media designers to make such diverse projects a reality.

with an emphasis on dance and movement.

Simultaneously I've become more deeply involved with the performance aspect of entertainment which has lead down the path of directing and producing my own work

I've studied movement and practiced dance myself for over 12 years. I've trained with diverse movers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tel-Aviv, Israel and Fueteventura, Spain. Practices have included contact improvisation dance, contemporary dance, modern dance, gaga movement , tae-kwan-do, yoga and gymnastics. These practices eventually combined with my creation of film and gave me the unique ability to direct, storyboard and choreograph dance and movement. It's an unspoken language I've been able to share with international  dancers who share no spoken words.

I've been able to share with international  dancers who share no spoken words. Furthermore, my specialty is combining these intricate movements of the talent with set elements, rigging and visual effects to create an even more stunning performance. I believe the advances in technology allow storytellers to utilize the human performance with more freedom than ever before in exciting new directions.

Through my own work, I've learned to manage the logistics of production and manage people to drive the best results.



film education

I received a BFA in FILM PRODUCTION DESIGN at the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston- Salem, NC. My training touched on every aspect of motion picture film-making but specialized in the design and fabrications of sets and props; learning carpentry, welding and mould/ cast production.  Here at NCSA, I also began my journey towards visual effects learning cinematography and lighting with experimentation in stop-motion, stereo photography and CGI.

it comes down to clear communication, preparation and the ability to adapt quickly.

My other interests include mountain biking, flying drones, camping/travel, photography, burning-man, astronomy and urban exploration. I've always had a curious mind; needing to know how things work and enjoy scientific inquiry.
I firmly believe that life experiences and a constant exposure to new people and places is the foundation for creating and a more authentic generator of ideas.

while i'm not working...