dance & movement

direction & choreography

As a dancer myself, my specialty is an ability to direct, storyboard and choreograph dance and movement for film and media. It's an unspoken language that I've been able to share with international dancers who share no spoken words. Combining these intricate movements of the talent with set elements, rigging and visual effects, I’ve been able to create even more stunning and enhanced performances. I believe the advances in technology allow storytellers to utilize the human performance with more freedom than ever before in exciting new directions.
film/ video

storyboarding & planning

Detailed planning is the cornerstone of a successful shoot. My work-flow is a combination of rehearsals, research, improvisation and storyboarding.  Defining a story arc is critical. And while bringing in impromptu moments and improvisation is very grounding, it still needs to support a clear story.
With a background in fine arts, storyboarding has been the most effective tool to communicate a visual to both talent and crew.


training & practices

I've studied movement and practiced dance myself for over 12 years. I've trained with diverse movers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tel-Aviv, Israel and Fueteventura, Spain. Practices have included contact improvisation dance, contemporary dance, modern dance, gaga movement , tae-kwan-do, yoga and gymnastics. These practices eventually combined with my creation of film and gave me the unique ability to direct, storyboard and choreograph dance and movement.